Wholesale 3 Way Plug Valve

The 3 wayl plug valve is composed of three integrally cast flanges of the valve body. The top of the valve body has a flange-shaped inlet and outlet, and the cover on the inlet and outlet is fixed to the port by bolts.The 3 way plug valves produced by DBV industrial valve manufacturer are mainly used for throttling and steering applications. This kind of valve can form various flow combinations through the single taper and double taper plug styles. 3 way plug valves are widely used to handle dirty viscous and corrosive liquids, sludge, abrasive and fibrous slurries and other corrosive gases. Because of their good durability, they will also be widely used in sewage treatment, water treatment, chemical and petrochemical, pulp and paper, mining, power and other processing industries.

Custom Three Way Plug Valves