Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

The triple offset butterfly valve gives premier isolation and is more suitable for working in light vacuum to high/heavy pressure applications. It is even more ideal for those applications that demand zero leakage strictly.

Another advantage of the triple offset butterfly valves is that it saves space. It is also much lighter, so this makes it easier to install and maintain than the gate, ball, or globe valves of more or less the same size and pressure class.

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Triple Offset Butterfly Valves for Sale

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What is Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

As the name depicts, triple offset butterfly valves are composed of three separate offsets. One offset of the valve is placed on the seating surface, whereas the other two are present in the center.

The positioning of the three offsets will make the cone type, the shape of the disc, and the seat. These valves are best for applications that have high pressures. As it is a standard metal-to-metal and non-rubbing sealing system, it is an exceptional fire-safe design.

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Application

The good thing about triple offset butterfly valves is that they are fire-safe and can withstand high temperatures.

They are also stronger to resist the high-pressure levels without leakage. So triple offset butterfly valves are considered the top option for power generation applications and energy power plants. They are also suitable for any chemical plant that is in contact with harmful reactive chemicals.

These valves are constructed without elastomers or other types of materials that cause corrosion. Triple offset butterfly valves are of high quality that retains themselves when in contact with chemicals. These valves are also used in many water treatment plants. This is because the valves are best for withstanding water pressures.

Also, there are three offsets in these values which ensure full safety. The geometric design and the joint of sets work together conveniently to open and close. They are better than one seat, which takes all the pressure on itself.

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Advantages

  • Triple offset butterfly valves are exceptionally fire-resistant.
  • They are widely used and have more extended abrasive applications.
  • Offset butterfly valves are maintenance-friendly where they are present with removable disk and stem. So it is easy to maintain them without welding.
  • These valves are ideal for maintaining higher work pressures.
  • They are excellent in performance with zero leakage because of metal to metal sealing.

How does a Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Works?

The function of a triple offset butterfly valve is not like the butterfly valve. In a traditional butterfly valve, there is a turning of the liver inside ways to allow the media to pass. The valve works like a globe valve where the disc moves like a cone and moves up and down for media to pass.

There is a strong seal that occurs when the cone moves to become a circle. So when the seat becomes in contact with the disc, it causes the disc’s angled position about the surface.