Wholesale Dual Plate Check Valve

The dual plate check valve is a universal check valve. Compared with the traditional swing check valve, it is stronger, lighter, and smaller in size. The valves produced by DB dual plate check valve manufacturer use the most advanced manufacturing technology on the market. Our products have better durability, which can save customers more cost.

The Dual plate Plate Check valve adopts two hinged connections. When the flow is reduced, the plate is closed by a torsion spring without reverse flow. This design allows our products to have the dual advantages of “no water hammer” and “non-slam”. All these functions are combined to make the dual plate check valve one of the most efficient valves at present.

Dual Plate Check Valve Types: dual plate wafer check valve, dual plate lug type check valve, dual plate lug type check valve, dual flap check valve, etc.

Double Plate Check Valve Applications

  • Double Plate Check Valve is suitable for the heating systems.
  • Double Plate Check Valve is suitable for the passage of liquid, gas and steam in air conditioning and cooling systems.
  • This valve can also be used in steam and condensate systems, water supply systems.
  • This kind of valve is also often sold in the oil and gas pipeline industry.

Double Plate Check Valve Advantages

  • Lightweight, so it has better self-supporting performance.
  • The structure is more compact and the overall design is more reasonable.
  • The installation method of this valve is very flexible, and it can be installed horizontally or vertically.
  • Dual Plate Check Valve has effective and reliable sealing performance under most flow and pressure conditions.
  • Dual Plate Check Valve can effectively avoid water hammer
  • The Dual Plate Check Valve produced by Dongbao Industrial Valve Manufacturer has a long life and simple operation.