Wholesale Wafer Check Valve

The biggest feature of the wafer check valve is its wafer contour, which makes it a very ideal check valve. The wafer valve produced by DB industrial valve manufacturer is named for its compact size. Their small size facilitates their own quick cleaning and maintenance.

DB wafer check valve is designed to be slim and not easy to block. This design makes it ideal for use with materials that contain solid particles or debris. The crystal valve we produce can be installed vertically or horizontally, as long as the backpressure required to make the check valve in place is sufficient. If the backpressure is insufficient, we can also provide customers with some accessories to assist the valve work.

Available Wafer Check Valve Types: wafer type nrv, wafer swing check valve, dual plate wafer check valve, wafer type non return valve, wafer lug check valve, 4 wafer check valve, 6 wafer check valve, etc.

Wafer Check Valve Working Principle

The working principle of the wafer check valve is actually to allow the medium to flow in only one direction and prevent the medium from flowing in the opposite direction. Under normal working conditions, the wafer check valve will automatically play a role, and the valve flap will open under the pressure of fluid from one direction.

Wafer Check Valve Applications

Wafer check valves can be used in many different applications. These include:

  • Chemical Industry
  • Power plant
  • mining industry