Wholesale Os&y Valves

One of the most important functions of OS&Y valves is to use them on fire-fighting pipelines. When installing a new fire-fighting main, it is very important to use the correct main control valve in the building. DB industrial valve manufacturer has focused on manufacturing OS&Y valves for many years. We can provide customers with high-quality products to ensure that various fire-fighting facilities can meet international standards. OS&Y gate valves are usually used as cut-off and zone control valves to replace supervisory switching butterfly valves in fire safety systems. This kind of valve is equally applicable indoors and outdoors.

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OS&Y Valve Working Principle

When the handle of the os&y valve is turned, it can directly raise and lower the gate of the valve through the interaction between the valve stems. At the same time, the handle and stem of the valve are both threaded, which can make the handle and the valve stem interact together. When the handle is kept in a fixed position, the valve stem itself will be significantly raised and lowered on the outside of the valve body. When the valve stem rises, the gates in the valve body rise at the same time, allowing water to flow through the valve body. This working principle of the OS&Y valve makes it have good fire resistance.

OS&Y Valve Advantages

  • This valve is more compact than other pressure reducing valves
  • It is more economical to use than other valves.
  • It is more convenient to operate than other valves.

Os&y Valve Types

DB valve manufacturers can provide a wide range of valves, including 3 os&y valves, 4 os&y valves, 6 os&y valves, 8 os&y valve,s and so on.