Wholesale Slide Gate Valves

A reliable industrial valve manufacturer can produce very high-quality slide gate valves. Unlike ordinary knife gate valves, slide gates are specifically designed to handle bulk dry powder, granules, and granular systems. In most applications, the slide plate of the gate will not open or be exposed to people’s reach. Therefore, as long as the slide gate valve is operated correctly according to the instructions, the possibility of operator danger can be minimized.

The slide gate valve produced by DB valve manufacturer relies on its own structural and technological advantages to obtain better sealing performance than ordinary knife gate valves. If you are willing to wholesale industrial valves in bulk, please contact the DB valve manufacturer to find out whether our products meet your needs. Communicating with professional industrial valve manufacturers can help you choose the right valve for the first time, thereby saving future replacement costs.

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Slide Gate Valve

DB industrial valve manufacturers can provide many types of slide gate valves for customers to choose from: parallel slide gate valve, pneumatic slide gate, manual slide gate valve, etc.

Slide Gate Valve Applications

Slide gate valves are used in many industrial applications that require shut-off valves:

  • Including the oil and gas industry.
  • The pharmaceutical industry.
  • Manufacturing and automotive industries.
  • Using in the pulp and paper industry.
  • The slide gate valve can be applied to high temperatures and a high-pressure environment, So it is often used in power plants, water treatment plants, mining industries and offshore oil and gas industries.

Slide Gate Advantages

  • The slide gate valve has good sealing properties, so it can be applied to a wider range of services, and for example, it can handle solids suspended in liquids or gases.
  • The size of the valve is smaller and more space-saving.
  • There is no wedge action, which can reduce the consumption caused by work.
  • The skateboard valve has a lighter weight..
  • The structure of the slide valve is simple and easy to operate
  • The valve stem/sliding connection is not in fluid contact with the pipeline.
  • When the valve is opened, the exposed sliding block can be visually inspected, making the maintenance of the valve more convenient.