Eccentric Plug Valve Wholesale

DBV eccentric plug valve is mainly used to treat liquid, sludge, slurry and gas. This kind of valve can be used for isolation, closing, throttling, and control services. The eccentric plug valve ensures a long-lasting seal inside the valve through the eccentric action of a quarter turn and the elastic plug surface. The eccentric plug valve adopts a rectangular port design, which can provide a wide tolerance valve seat geometry to achieve a long-lasting closing effect. The eccentric plug and elastic plug surface can keep the inside of the valve in a good sealing state. DBV industrial valve manufacturer produce eccentric plug valves in accordance with strict process standards. The size range of eccentric plug valves is generally 3–72 inches. Depending on the size, the cold working pressure rating is 150 or 175 psi, and the flow rating is 8 feet/ second. The valve has two configurations of the short valve body and long valve body. At the same time, in order to test the safety of the valve, the valve seat should be tested in the direction of direct pressure.

Custom Eccentric Plug Control Valve Projects