Wholesale Swing Check Valve

DB valve industrial valve manufacturer is a reliable check valve manufacturer. The swing check valve we manufacture has a high process standard. The swing check valve is a kind of disc that is often installed on a hinge. Its working principle is that the valve flap swings from the valve seat to allow the fluid to flow forward, and when the flow stops, the valve flap swings back to the valve seat to prevent reverse flow. The swing check valve produced by DB is widely used in water treatment and wastewater systems. Because the swing check valve has a simple structure, it is easier to maintain than other valves.

The swing check valve is the most common type of check valve. As an industrial valve manufacturer with many years of production experience, DB can provide customers with a variety of sizes of swing check valve products to choose from.

  • Available Size: 2 inch swing check valve, 1 inch swing check valve, 3 inch swing check valve, 4 inch swing check valve, etc.
  • Avaliable Types: wafer swing check valve, stainless steel swing check valve, swing flex check valve, flanged swing check valve, etc.

Swing Check Valve Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The swing check valve has a replaceable seat ring, making this type of valve easier to maintain and repair.
  • The swing check valve has an inclined valve seat surface that allows the valve seat to be opened at a lower pressure, which improves the flow of fluid.
  • The seal of this valve is usually stronger.
  • Because of the special structure of the swing check valve, it can alleviate the impact on itself under higher pressure, thereby prolonging the service life.


Swing check valves cannot be used in systems with the pulsating flow. Because the continuous beating of the fluid will damage the seat components and affect the service life of the valve.

Swing Check Valve Applications

Swing check valves are suitable for situations where fluid is only required to flow in one direction.

One of the most common uses of swing check valves is to flush flapper valves in toilet mechanisms. This allows water to enter from the bottom of the tank but prevents water from draining in the same way. Swing check valves are the most common type of valve in water and wastewater pumping systems. In any situation that may cause backflow problems, a swing check valve must be used.