High Performance Butterfly Valves

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  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Available Valve Materials: cast iron, ceramic, ductile iron, stainless steel, and so on.
  • Available Operation Types: grooved, flange, Wafer, butt weld, lug.
  • Valve Offset: valve offset consists of double offset, triple offset, and concentric.
  • Valve operation:it consists of electric pneumatic and Hydraulic operations.

High Performance Butterfly Valves for Sale

High-performance butterfly valves definition

High-performance butterfly valves are excellent performance and are used for shut-off and throttling control. The disc has used that offsets from the seat center.

In this process and configuration, the disk is eccentric or offset from the valve seat.

When the disc starts rotating, it moves away from the seat rather than across it. This design helps give a great seal to the valve and typically works by using the line pressure. If we talk about a high-performance butterfly valve, then a triple offset butterfly valve is one of them. It is also called TOV and has the same design as a double offset butterfly valve.

An extra third offset valve makes it different from the double offset butterfly valve. This seating surface then makes a cone shape of the seat and disc. This seating surface then rotates into the seat with no connection between the sealing surfaces when it is fully closed.

As there is minimal contact between the disk and therefore it makes an excellent sealing. Fortunately, this sealing is helpful in extending the life of the valve.

High-performance butterfly valves applications

There are wide applications of these high-performance butterfly valves, such as:

  • Fuel handling systems
  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Offshore industries when butterfly valves are required with extreme longevity
  • Corrosive gases and steam

Advantages of high-performance butterfly valves

High-performance butterfly valves are fantastic which uses a straight-through flow path with very high capacity. These valves are good in the sense of having the ability to pass through liquids and viscous media. These valves generally used resilient materials such as graphite to seal the seat.