Lubricated Plug Valve Wholesale

The lubrication plug valve is different from other industrial valves. This valve has a cavity along the axis of the plug valve, the cavity is closed at the bottom, and a sealant injection device is installed on the top of the cavity. Lubrication plug valves are mainly used in fluids with light abrasive particles, such as upstream applications with dirty environments, gas piping systems that require bypass valves, and blowdown valves used as valve stations and injection valves. At the same time, the valves produced by DBV lubricated plug valves manufacturer can also isolate various liquids and gases. The material of this valve is usually cast iron and steel. The difference between a lubricated plug valve and a non-lubricated plug valve is that this valve contains a lubrication system that can continuously restore the valve seat without disassembling the valve, thereby prolonging the life of the valve seat and providing lubricant helps minimize plug leakage and reduce the required operating torque.

Custom Lubricated Plug Valve Projects