Double Offset Butterfly Valves Manufacturer

Double Offset Butterfly Valves are popular regarding accuracy and performance. From the valve’s body center, the butterfly valve has two offsets. The shaft’s axis then balances the central line of the body seal and discs seat.

The valve is in the center, whereas the shaft axis is eccentric to the pipeline. The position of the disc in double offset butterfly valves gives rise to the cam action. It causes friction when the seat is raised from the seal.

Double Offset Butterfly Valves for Sale

Double Offset Butterfly Valves Applications

The good thing about double offset butterfly valves is that they are exceptional in absorbing pressure greater than zero. They are very good at keeping up with these kinds of pressures. Different manufacturers use these butterfly valves in various gas applications, oil applications, and other wastewater treatment plants.

Double Offset Butterfly Advantages

Due to this butterfly valve, a balance is created in the stem, placed behind the circular disc. Due to this stem placement, the disc is self-adjusted to the center.

This adjustment of the butterfly valve ensures tight sealing. The valve will not touch the soft seat even when it is fully opened. Thus it provides the longer service life of double offset butterfly valves.

Double Offset Butterfly Valves Construction

Following equipment is required for the construction of these valves.

  • Disc
  • Body
  • Body
  • Shaft
  • Bearings or bushings
  • Seat
  • Seat retainer
  • Shaft packing
  • Operator

Double Offset Butterfly Valves Working Principle

The conic shape is thus helpful in sealing the valve. There is an exceptional arrangement of the shaft and the disk, which then generates the cam action. In the end, it reduces the required torque. Ultimately, when the torque is declined, it will thus open or close the valve.

This thing offers the 90-degree rotation of the disc by this offset geometry when it gets in contact with the seat on the first one degree to 3 degrees of rotation only. The double offset butterfly valve design lessens the wearing at the disc and seat’s touchpoints that usually occurs in conventional butterfly valves.

Difference Between Double Offset and Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

DescriptionDouble Offset Butterfly ValveTriple Offset Butterfly Valve
Material of the seatSoftMetal Seat
Sensitivity to Pressure and Temperature FluctuationsYesNo
The friction of the seatLowVery Low
Class Rating600600
ApplicationsProcess On/Off ThrottlingCritical and Severe Applications
Seat LifetimeLongVery Long
Fluid ServicesCleanDirty
Bubble Tight OffYesYes
Pressure DropHighestHighest