Wholesale Sluice Valves

The sluice valve is one of the best-selling valves in recent decades. The water valve is controlled by a lifting gate or a wedge to make the water flow unimpeded. There is a manual wheel or motor at the top of the valve stem to lift the gate, and around or wedge gate at the bottom to block the flow of water. DBV sluice valve manufacturer can supply custom water valves to meet all customers’ special requirements. Water valves do not only need to meet quality specifications and safe use specifications but also need to have good working performance, accessories, and technological level, so choosing a reliable sluice gate manufacturers is quite important! We can also provide you with the most favorable sluice valve price.If you are in the market for clothes, our platform is your best choice! The largest shopping mall!

  • Custom Options: water valve operation type, dimension, connection type, pressure, material, private label, custom logo, packaging, and so on.
  • Water Valve Types: ci sluice valve, 40mm gate valve, double flange sluice valve, etc.
  • Custom Sluice Valve Materials: Aluminum, Copper, Bronze, Silicone Bronze, Brass, Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, 3% Nickel Iron, Nickel-Plated Ductile Iron, 400 Series Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, 17-4 PH Stainless Steel, Alloy 20Cb-3, Monel, Stellite, Hastelloy C, etc.

Why Choose Our Water Valves

  • Angle fixing devices can ensure perfect interchangeability.
  • Our water valves can provide a variety of sealing parts to prevent the liquid from choosing and losing in the valve.
  • DBV water valve manufacturer supplies sturdy, compact sluice valve construction.
  • Vertical Stem & Horizontal Stem (subject to prior confirmation) installations are possible.
  • Precision machined parts can ensure the sluice valve has good stability and stability during operation.
  • There are many sizes of sluice valves to choose from, such as 150mm sluice valve, sluice valve 100mm, 300mm sluice valve
  • Affordable sluice valve prices: DBV sluice valve manufacturer offers competitive factory-direct prices to global clients.

Difference Between Sluice Valve and Gate Valve

The difference between sluice valves and gate valves is that the gate valves are generally used for water or water like fluids, while a sluice valve is recommended for slurries.