Wholesale Slab Gate Valve

The slab gate valve consists of a gate unit that can be raised and lowered between two valve seat rings. The slab gate valve is mainly suitable for the medium with suspended particles. At the same time, it has good sealing performance, and its own sealing performance will not be damaged by the thermal deformation of the valve body. Even if the valve is closed in a cold state, the thermal elongation of the valve stem will not overload the sealing surface. When the valve is fully opened, the through-hole is smooth and linear, and the flow resistance coefficient is extremely small, which prevents pressure loss in the entire pipeline.

Slab Gate valve Disadvantages

  • When the medium pressure is relatively low, the metal sealing surface of the slab gate valve may not be completely sealed.
  • When the medium pressure is too high, the high-frequency switching of the slab gate valve will easily cause the wear of the sealing surface.
  • The lubricity of this type of valve is relatively poor. ,
  • If you want to effectively control the flow, the circular gate must move horizontally on the channel at 50% of the valve closed position.

Slab Gate Valve Applications

  • Power.
  • Oil and gas industry applications.