Wholesale Double Check Valve

The double check valve is a kind of anti-backflow valve, and its main function is to protect the water supply from pollution. The double check valve produced by Dongbao Industrial Valve Manufacturer consists of two check valves assembled in series. This structure makes it possible that even if the other check valve is fully opened, the other check valve will still function. Secondly, the closing of one valve reduces the pressure difference of the other valve, thereby achieving a more reliable seal and avoiding leakage.

We use the best stainless steel and other materials on the market to produce double check valves, which makes our products have high quality and long-term durability. If you wholesale double check valves from DB, we can also provide the lowest wholesale price and the fastest logistics speed.Visit our partners,shoes – leaders in fashionable footwear!

Available Size: 15mm double check valve, 22mm double check valve, 28mm double check valve, etc.

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