Flanged Butterfly Valve

In a flanged butterfly valve, the body has a flange that matches the pipe flange dimension. There are also double flanged butterfly valves which have eccentric discs. These butterfly valves are put in the pipeline as a shut-off device.

Then, fortunately, the gearbox is helpful in stopping the disc at different positions. In double flanged butterfly valves, gasket seals are present on the disk. It is very easy to replace the gasket seals without disassembling the valves from the pipeline.

Flanged Butterfly Valve For Sale

Double Flanged Butterfly Valves Advantages

It is effortless to mount and center the double-flanged butterfly valve. This is because it is mechanically stronger in construction than Wafer or lug design. Due to their robust construction and durability, these valves are suitable for heavy-duty large flow handling scenarios.

Double Flanged Butterfly Valve Applications

You can apply these valves in a variety of applications such as:

  • Drinking water
  • wastewater treatment plants
  • water supply
  • power plants