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Top Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in 2021

Things are fantastically turning into something exciting and promising as time passes. With the revolution of technology, many brands are incorporating their products into the market. They claim to cater all the important things of that product. Due to the wide options, it becomes complex for the buyers to get their hands on something unique and new that will be beneficial and durable for them.

Manufacturing industries are asking for those awesome products that are amongst the best and will meet up the required needs of customers demands. They keep on working very hard to form their products top-notch that will remain prominent in the quest of thousands of products and their competition.

Now, let’s come to the topic on which we are going to talk about today, and they are the butterfly valves. Before going into the depth of this topic, let’s first understand that what are butterfly valves?


Butterfly valves are used in the regulation of the flow of the water. It also isolates the water’s flow. We use it in a limited space. It controls the water pressure and is hence considered a vital tool in the pipeline’s work.

Do many people often wonder that why we call it a butterfly valve? So, the answer is because it works from closed to open at an angle of 90 degrees completely. The disc, often known as wings, rotates in such a way, moves to the central axis, which forms and acts like a butterfly’s shape.


We will present you with the best butterfly valves list, which is considered exceptional. We searched a lot and came up with 19 great manufacturers that outstandingly designed the butterfly valves. Let’s highlight them one by one. So, stay tuned!

1) DBV Valve

Founded in 2001, DBV is located in China city. With its unlimited variety of products, they are facilitating thousands of people worldwide due to their outclass products. These butterfly valve manufacturers have given exceptional services quite importance. Their industrial pipes are considered ideal for all kinds of piping systems.

They take care of the requirements of all kinds of industries and hence designed specific valves. These we-structured and quality products have extensively reached the points of standards that are globally known. Their best butterfly valves meet with GB, BS, GOST, DIN, API, and ANSI standards, which are known as high-standards around the globe.

Top products

  • Pressure, dual plate wafer, tilting plate, and non-slam check valves
  • Double eccentric, triple eccentric, and metal seal butterfly valves
  • Bellows sealed globe valves
  • The trunnion and floating ball valves
  • Pressure GOST and flat gate valves

2) Flowserve  Corporation

Flowserve Corporation was founded approximately 200 years ago in the southern part of the US, which includes Texas and Irving. It exports top-quality products in 50 countries. They are famous for selling an ample amount of environmental equipment and industrial valve, which are pumps and end mechanical face seals.

The high-precision throttles are being delivered in an ample amount here at this company. Quality is their main aim, and that’s what they transfer to their customers. Flowserve Corporation manufactures low-friction valves, which are high-quality, and their sealing property is just amazing. Butterfly valves formed here are resistant to corrosion. Hence, they are viable in the longer run.

The butterfly valves are carefully designed by Flowserve Company. There are two types of butterfly valves which are highlighted among others. It includes;

  • Lined butterfly valve
  • High-performance butterfly valve

The varieties of valves include Big Max BX2001, which is an all-purpose valve designed. It can be used in all the industries like water, chemical, oil, and gas industries. It has a range of diameter between 2inches to 36 inches with a class of ANSI 150 and 300. The seating material is another component that can be soft or metal according to the purpose you are using.

Top products

The top products which have been designed by this company include;

  • High-performance butterfly valve; they are available in three types, which are Double-offset valves, Triple-offset, and all-purpose valve.
  • Metal seated and soft-seated butterfly valve design.
  • Lined butterfly valve; they are used in hygienic and corrosive applications.

3)  Bray

Bray manufacturers of butterfly valves provide high-quality and exclusive products. The headquarter of Bray is in Houston, Texas. It was formed around 30 years before. With the advancement of technology, their products are performing very well and give the ultimate quality benefits. Western countries prefer to use their valves and like the performance a lot. It is providing facilities in 6 continents and 60 countries. That’s how great they are working.

The specialty of Bray is in producing extensive electric and pneumatic valves, which are the advanced kind of butterfly valves. They are best in controlling the heavy flow. They have advanced capabilities to working efficiently in this regard. It also resolves the flow problems, which are two in one option.

Features of valves

The bray company’s elements in butterfly valves are low-temperature carbon steel, Monel, duplex stainless steel, Hastelloy, and NiAB butterfly valves. The bodies of these valves and discs can be found in WCB carbon steel and CF8M stainless steel.

The disc material is manufactured in such a design to maintain thermal expansion, which is uniform at the given temperature. The formation of disk material is taken place on temperature rating, which allows full pressure. Standard stem materials are available in 17-PH, 410 stainless steel, and XM-19 (Nitronic).

There is an availability of custom-engineered valve configurations too, which makes it famous butterfly manufacturers. It has global recognition in producing a great number of valves that are prominent in quality and efficiency.

Top products

  • Double offset
  • WCB carbon steel and CF8M stainless steel
  • Resilient seated butterfly valves
  • Triple offset (Tri Lok) valves
  • Low-temperature carbon steel, Monel, Hastelloy, Duplex stainless steel, and NiAB butterfly valves

4)  Emerson Electric Co.

Emerson Electric Co has chased the path of development and transformed the quality products in their list. We can see it very evidently. It is the largest butterfly valves manufacturers and hence famous in the entire world. That’s why they have passed 130 years providing quality and fine valves. They supply the products in America and many other countries as well.

Manufacturing all sorts of products in every field is their aim, and that’s why everybody knows that Emerson is part and parcel amongst all. These are used in gas and oil plants. They are available in all forms of industrial products.

The methods and techniques are the reason for their popularity, and the cryogenic facility is one of them. In this process, all the products are tested with helium. Such advanced ways of forming butterfly valves are unique and different, which is the special trait and feature of Emerson electric’s products. Keeping in view the care for customers, they also offer repair and customer services, making it quite distinct.

Top products

  • Keystone series (K-LOK) Butterfly valves(now Tyco)
  • Vanessa triple offset valve

5)  Apollo

For 92 years, Apollo is facilitating the customers with its quality and well-designed products. King of the valves is the title from which they are being recognized. The company introduced multiple varieties of valves in the market, which are best in quality. The headquarter of Apollo is in New York.

They are well-known due to the special design of handles which is available in yellow color. They proficiently assembling and designing the valve’s parts in their factory. This is the main reason for its recognition. The important materials and elements that Apollo Company used in butterfly valves are;

  • 81 bronze and 85 bronze
  • Lead-free bronze
  • Carbon steel ( which is low-temperature)
  • Stainless steel and low-carbon stainless steel
  • Alloy 20, Hastelloy “C,” nickel-copper alloys, and titanium.

Due to using expensive and heavy metals, their valves are top-notch and high-quality.

Top products

  • Lug and wafer style valves
  • Double offset high-performance butterfly valves with class 30, 2’’ to 24’’, 2.5’’ and 5’’

6)  Crane

The headquarter of Crane is located in the USA. The company is the pioneer in forming the outclass and quality products. It is a globally renowned company that brings innovation into its products. With the experience of 165 years, they are bringing the best of all that will just change the traditional ways of forming butterfly valves.

Their products are providing huge benefits in engineered and industrial products. Such techniques include the solution to valve problems too. Manufactured products of Crane are exceptionally used in electronics, aero shapes, petrochemical, power generations, and in many other fields too. Transportation of these great products is widely distributed in many countries like Australia, Asia, Europe, and America.

Top products

  • High-performance butterfly valves
  • Double-eccentric butterfly valves
  • Triple offset butterfly valves
  • Special purpose butterfly valves
  • Resilient- seated butterfly valves
  • High-temperature butterfly valves

7)  Milwaukee Valve Company

After getting the experience of 119 years, Milwaukee is getting prominent in the top list of butterfly valves manufacturing companies. They bring advanced and quality products in the industry, which are specific to all the fields. The headquarter is located in Prairie Du Sac, in the US. It came into existence in 1901. There is a wide range of variety in the sizes of the valves, ranging from 2- inches to 24 inches. The rating of the class is 150.

We can found an ample variety of products in marine and industrial applications. For the past 50 years, the US navy is using outnumbered products from these manufacturers, which is the hail mark for the company. Additionally, they are also offering customer support and are quite responsive as well.

The valves come with pneumatic and electric actuators, which have proven to be the quality of butterfly valves and hence one of the reasons for their popularity. They are lined with phenolic-reinforced liners and blowout systems.  Another contributing factor in its favor is that Milwaukee valves are ISO 9001:2015, ISO9001:2008, and ISO 14001:2004 certified.

Top products

  • Butterfly valves with EPDM, Buna-N, Viton*, Hypalon, and FDA Neoprene line material.
  • Water and Lug-style (2’’-48’’)
  • High-performance butterfly valves
  • Double dead-end service (2’’-12’’)
  • Rubber-lined butterfly valves/ Resilient-seated

8)  Valworx

Moving ahead, we have another outstanding manufacturer on the list, which is Valworx butterfly manufacturers. They have a list of top-quality valves which are stunningly benefiting the customers. It is located in Cornelius, New York City.

The valves are ideal for fluid control and pressure measurement devices. People prefer buying from this company that’s why we include it in the list of top-notch products.

Top products

  • Manual butterfly valves
  • Triple offset butterfly valves
  • Air actuated butterfly valves
  • Electric actuated butterfly valves
  • Wafer style butterfly valves

9)  De Zurik

De Zurik has manufactured Well-designed and quality products, and that is why it is a game-changer. They are profoundly exporting tons of equipment, especially valves, in the entire world. They have more than 92 years in this business which means, how brilliant they are!

It is located in the USA. The quality products that come under this brand include; water treatments, pulp and paper, petrochemical, sewage treatment, and mining power treatments. This company has successfully collaborated with Willamette and APCO, creating more advanced and modern products that enhance the products’ quality and features. They are the master!

There are lots of solutions that are provided for the butterfly valves. They are popular for their knife gates and other valves. Due to the best designs and reliability, De Zurik ranked number one in the list of butterfly manufacturers in the entire world around 2019.


The valves are specially designed to handle the different flows of water and gases. Butterfly valves are also used in dead-end services. Alpha valve is one of their products which is the state-of-the-art butterfly valve. It is programmed in such a way that helps in sizing and calculating the control valve based on which process you are going to use it.

Top products

  • Bubble-tight shutoff valves
  • High-performance butterfly valves
  • AWWA butterfly valves.
  • Eccentric plug valves
  • Resilient seated valves

10)  Davis

We can say that Davis is amongst the youngest valve-producing company on this list, but that does not mean that their products and supplies are not good. As we say, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” the same applies here! With the experience of 20 years, they are considered as the quality-forming butterfly valves manufacturers.

Their customer services are also very well. The valves are greatly supplied in central, north, and South America. Within 20 years, they got ISO certified, which is a big achievement for them. It is located in Memphis, Tennessee. A variety of valves are available here that are useful in specific applications.

They almost sold 1000 fine-quality butterfly valves and 1,200 rubber-seated butterfly valves. It is also used in pulp and paper industries, mining, petrochemical, wastewater treatment, food, oil, and gas. To provide the best products is their main aim and for that, they are striving.

Top products

  • Rubber-seated butterfly valves, which are Ductile iron; EPDM, and BUNA rubber
  • High-performance butterfly valves ( ANSI 150 and ANSI 300; RTFE seats, WCB steel, 316SS)

11) Nibco

With a great number of facilities available, Nibco put a huge effort into exporting butterfly valves worldwide, including Mexico, the US, and Poland. It is a brand leader in this list. It is renowned for B2B partners and supplies products related to mechanical, commercial industries, fire protection, mechanical and residential purposes. They have a profound exposure on social media which means they have got lots of followers in less time.

They keep on investing in innovation, and that’s what they bring out in their products. Customized butterfly valves are also manufactured here at Nibco. In its portfolio, it has 30,000 products and varieties which are specific to their work. By using the advanced ways of forming valves and other products, the Nibco Company provides their products with unrivaled warranty insurance, which means the products are of the high and best quality. That’s why they strived for this specific feature.

The elements that are being used in the butterfly valves and other products are bronze, cast iron, stainless steel, plastic, and ductile iron. They are also available in threaded, flanged, solder, and press end connections.

Top products

  • Wafer lug or grooved end connections
  • Lug or wafer type
  • Lead-free selection
  • High-performance selection
  • Press-to-connect ends connection

12) POV Valve Company

We have another company on the list, which is again located in China. They are famous for designing soft seal butterfly valves. It was started 15 years before. They have been awarded 12 invention patents. Their advanced testing equipment includes thickness gauge, hardness testing, pressure tester, and torque tester, all up to the standards.

They have some modern ways of designing the valves, which QC procedure for keeping the process fine and smooth. They got a lot of success in this domain due to forming such quality products and valves, essential for all kinds of industries. They sell their products in more than 80 regions.

Getting the trust of many buyers worldwide, they got their reliability badge which is just an amazing thing to achieve. They are ISO certified, which is the reason for their high-quality products. It completes all the QA criteria. Their great products are certified by CE, BV marine, and fire fast.

Top products

  • Pneumatic butterfly valves
  • Wafer butterfly valves
  • Lug butterfly valves
  • Electric butterfly valves
  • Flanged butterfly valves
  • Line butterfly valves

13) Outshine valve

Designing the butterfly valves is the specialty of outshining valve companies. Founded in China in 1997, they brought some unique products to the market, making them the best butterfly manufacturer company. They have their own factory in which all the formation of products has been taken place for a long time.

They have over 50 product series of variety. They are ISO certified 9001:2008. They also have CE quality-assurance system for forming such outstanding butterfly valves.

Top products

  • Centerline butterfly valves
  • Y strainer
  • Worm gear butterfly valves
  • Flanged butterfly valves

14) Huamei

Moving ahead, another best company for producing butterfly valves and other products, we have Huamei on the list. It was founded in china and producing quality products that are of the best quality. These products are applicable in harsh conditions, and that’s clear proof of the quality of their products.

Another important factor of its success is they are having low prices for its products, and the buyers know at low price manufacturers. Many people get the products from this company, and the quality is just amazing. Although there might be some mild differences, but again it’s good at such prices.

Their OEM services are also available. Sealing technology is very advanced. With such benefits, they also have a full R and D and QC team, making it much fine. They use materials like titanium alloy, WCB, CF8M, duplex steel, and many more.

Top products

  • Fire and metal seated
  • lug style butterfly valves
  • double flanged butterfly valves
  • soft seated and resilient seated valves

15) Pentair valves

In this company’s portfolio, the products used under the banner of this company are Armstrong, Emerson, brooks, Nord-lock, and Emerson. This is on the list of top-notch butterfly manufacturers, and hence they are collaborating with such a huge brand’s names. The main area in which they work and produced products are the oil and gas industry. The headquarter is in the middle-east.

With such outclass products, they are trending in the best manufacturers and benefiting thousands of people worldwide.

Top products

  • Pentair valves
  • Actuators
  • Positioners
  • solenoids

16) Fisher valves

Fisher valves are transporting all kinds of products related to the oil and gas industry.  It has got experience of over 130 years. It was formed in the US. This company was acquired by another best company that manufactures valves, which is Emerson that we mentioned in the list above.

As time passes, the fisher has got its secure place and with the production of thousands of tools and valves and transporting it worldwide. With their best customer services, they are available 24/7 so that your issue will be resolved as early as possible. The valves have the most advanced control systems.

Top products

  • Control valves
  • Regulators
  • Isolation and Shut off valves
  • actuators

17) Anvil International, Inc.

In 1800, Anvil was founded, the headquarter is in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They formed different types of valves and used advanced technology. It is ISO certified9001:2015and 2008, which is a successful journey for them.

The purpose of manufacturing valves is efficiently designed for piping and fittings, and that makes the sale of their products pretty much in the entire world. The formation of butterfly valves is their main area of work.

Top products

  • Rubber-lined( coated with EPDM or Nitrile material
  • Extensive line of butterfly valves

18) Hayward flow control

It was formed in northern California in 1923. This company manufactures control products which are neatly designed so that they will easily work in any field. They are proficient in designing thermoplastic valves. It is ISO 9001: 015 certified company.

Top products

  • 5 kind of different butterfly valves which has a range of 2 inches to 24 inches
  • The liners include PVV, CPVS, EPDM, or Nitrile.

19) Flomatic valves

Producing high-quality valves is their main aim that can widely be exported in the world. This corporation was located in New York in 1933. It was previously known as white flomatic and sold regulators. In which check valves are the main products. These are widely used in irrigational, municipal, domestic, and industrial markets.

After introducing ENVIRO CHECK, the first unleaded bronze valve in the market, they got many more names in introducing some innovative technologies.  Their high-quality valves are beneficial in dealing with water and wastewater services. They offer patented products and also ISO 14001 and 9001 certified, which are up to the global standards.

Top products

  • Foot valves
  • Check valves
  • Backflow preventers
  • Automatic hydraulic control valves
  • Butterfly gate
  • Plug valves


Concluding this informative and useful article, we conclude that there are thousands of companies offering the best and unique butterfly valves. Based on their well-designed and outclass products, we categorized the top 19 and best butterfly valve manufacturers. Most of them are ISO certified, which is the contributing factor to their recognition around the world.

There are distinct varieties of butterfly valves that we mentioned under each company. It proves to be the specialty of their unique products that stands them out in all the companies. So, read it thoroughly and explore which butterfly manufacturer is up to your requirements and choose wisely, according to your needs and requirements.

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